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Most full costumes hire between $45 and $65 for a weekend with a $60 security deposit!  | We accept  credit card We accept Mastercard and Visa or EFTPOS 
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Thousands of Costumes Available

Thousands of Costumes to choose from.  Accessories and Make Up Kits for Sale.


General Accessories

  • Capes
    • Silver, Gold, Red
    • Capes for Costume Party - Silver, Gold and RedGold Cape - Perfect for Halloween Party Costume

  • Noses
    • Witch, animal, Clown, Pinocchio etc.
  • Ears
    • Elf, Goblin, Mr.Spock, Large, animal etc
  • Police/Military:
    • Badges, Aviators, Truncheons, Handcuffs, AK47’s, leg Holsters, Flack Vests, shoulder holsters, Bullet belts, gun sets etc
  • Western/Indian:
    • Hats, Indian headdresses, Brave Headbands, necklaces, string ties, bowie knives, Gun & holster sets, Sheriff Badges, Cap Guns
  • Pirates:
    • Swords, Cutlasses, Blunderbusses (Pistols), Eye Patches, Hats, Tricorns, Bandanas, Parrots (for shoulder), Jolly Roger Flags, Tattoos, Tattoo sleeves etc
  • Wings:
    • Feathered, fabric, Angel, Butterfly, Fairy
  • Crowns & Tiaras:
    • King’s, Queen’s, Fairy etc.
  • Hawaiian:
    • Skirts, Shell/Flower/cocoanut bras etc.
  • Roman:
    • Laurel Leaf Headbands (green or gold)
  • Petticoats:
    • White, Red, Black, 2-colour etc.
  • Animal Sets (mostly headband with ears, tail & bowtie):
    • Mouse, Bear, Tiger, Lion, Cat, Rabbit, Leopard, Dog
  • Teeth:
    • Dracula, Dracula deluxe, Silver, Austin Powers etc.
  • Goth/Punk/Halloween:
    • Devil horns, Devil forks, Studded fingerless gloves, studded Wristbands, Fake Piercings, Vampire Claws, Wolf Hands & feet, Rubber Bats, Cobwebs, assorted jewellery, Black Wings & Halos, Cross Necklaces etc

Gothic Chokers - Costume Accessories

As well as a range of costumes for sale – adult and children’s.

Zombie Make Up Kits

Coloured Contact Lenses

Black Coloured Contact Lenses for Fancy Dress

A Brilliant Range of Coloured Contact Lenses for Fancy Dress.


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Masquerade Masks

Masquerade Masks - Masquerade Balls Centrestage Costumes

Costume Hire

Costume Hire Melbourne - Costumes A to Z - Thousands to Choose from at Centrestage Costumes Melbourne


"Thank you. I would like to say that your company is the best by far to deal with.  From the first call and yu sending the photos, to the helpful guy who served me.  I will definitely be coming back and recommending you. " - Jackie.


Costume Accessores for Sale - Hats, Wigs, Hair, Eyes, Shoes, Weaponry and much more


"Thank you for all your assistance. I have come to centre stage and hired many costumes in the past and everyone has always exceeds my expectations and always go above & beyond.Keep up the fantastic work

Make Up

Stage Make Up, Make Up Kits, Special Effects Make Up, Zombie Make Up Kits


"I have taken a lot of time to review your special effects makeup kits (sorry it took so long), but I really wanted to test it out and try every product quite a few times.  I'll be posting the review on Instagram soon :) - Rani" - Read Full Review