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788 Sydney Road,BRUNSWICK VIC 3057. Sales and Costume Hire - Enquiries: 0418 101 860
Most full costumes hire between $45 and $65 for a weekend with a $60 security deposit!  | We accept  credit card We accept Mastercard and Visa or EFTPOS 
Monday & Wednesday  12pm-6pm | Tuesday  by AppointmentThursday & Friday 12pm-7pm | Saturday 10am-5pm | Sunday 2pm-5pm 

Thousands of Costumes Available

Thousands of Costumes to choose from.  Accessories and Make Up Kits for Sale.

Costumes S to U

Mr. SquiggleTarot ReaderUgly Stepsisters
SailorTavern MaidUma Thurman (Kill Kill etc.)
Sally Fields (Flying Nun)T BirdsUncle Fester
Saloon GirlTails & Top HatUncle Sam
Sandy (Grease)Taliban FighterUndead
Santa ClausTeddy BearUndercover
Santa ClausTeenage Mutant Ninja TurtleUnderling
Sarah PalinTemple ShirleyUndertaker
SariTeresa MotherUnicorn
Saturday Night FeverTerroristUnion Jack
ScarecrowThe HulkUntouchables
ScarfaceThe Ice QueenUrban Cowboy
Scarlet O HaraThe JokerUrsula
School TeacherThe Mad Hatter
Schoolgirl/boyThe Penguin
ScientistThe Who
Scott Tracey (Thunderbirds)The Wiz
ScreamThompson Hunter S
Sea GodThor Harlequin on Tour
Sea NymphThorpe Billy
SenoritaThriller (Michael Jackson)
Sgt. SextTiger Lily (Peter Pan)
ShakespeareTin Girl
Shania TwainTin Man
She DevilTina Turner
She RaTinkerbelle
ShepardToad (Super Mario)
SheriffToad (Wind in the Willows)
Sheriff of NottinghamToga
Sherlock HolmesTom Cruise (Top Gun)
Shirley Jones (Brady Bunch)Tom Selleck
Shirley TempleTomato
Sir Frances DrakeTootsy
Sir Walter RaleighTop Gun
SkipperTori Amos
Slave PrincessTown Cryer
Smee Peter PanTownsend Pete
SmurfToy Soldier
SneezyTrain Conductor
Snow QueenTransvestite
SnowmanTravolta John
SonnyTrinity (Matrix)
Souk TraderTrotsky. Leon
Spanish DancerTrump Donald
SpartanTse-Tung Mao
Spice GirlsTurkey
SpivTV Star
SpockTweeledee / Tweeledum
Square DancerTwenties Beach Belle
Star Wars MonsterTwenties Flapper
Stein MaidenTwiggy
Stevie NicksTwo Face Suit
Stevie Wonder
Stormtrooper (Full Armour)
Stormtrooper (Soft Armour)
Sumo Wrestler
Super Mario Bros
Supremes Set
Suzi Quattro
Sylvester Stallone

Zombie Make Up Kits

Coloured Contact Lenses

Black Coloured Contact Lenses for Fancy Dress

A Brilliant Range of Coloured Contact Lenses for Fancy Dress.

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Masquerade Masks

Masquerade Masks - Masquerade Balls Centrestage Costumes

Costume Hire

Costume Hire Melbourne - Costumes A to Z - Thousands to Choose from at Centrestage Costumes Melbourne


"Thank you. I would like to say that your company is the best by far to deal with.  From the first call and yu sending the photos, to the helpful guy who served me.  I will definitely be coming back and recommending you. " - Jackie.


Costume Accessores for Sale - Hats, Wigs, Hair, Eyes, Shoes, Weaponry and much more


"Thank you for all your assistance. I have come to centre stage and hired many costumes in the past and everyone has always exceeds my expectations and always go above & beyond.Keep up the fantastic work

Make Up

Stage Make Up, Make Up Kits, Special Effects Make Up, Zombie Make Up Kits


"I have taken a lot of time to review your special effects makeup kits (sorry it took so long), but I really wanted to test it out and try every product quite a few times.  I'll be posting the review on Instagram soon :) - Rani" - Read Full Review